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Our CEO, Maureen Ehrenberg, was recently interviewed by Crain’s Chicago Business about the guidance that companies are seeking as employees return to the office.

Blue Skyre IBE and Colliers have partnered to develop the Return to Office Workbook: A Guide to Preparing your Employees’ Return. The guide provides tactical recommendations, case studies, and insights to prepare your facilities and real estate teams as you plan and manage a successful return to the office.

Blue Skyre IBE recently partnered with some of the leading industry associations and workspace companies to survey frontline building management professionals about their return to occupancy plans. 

Download BSI’s most recent white paper that outlines how Hybrid Models are emerging that combine technology and services and adding to the options of outsourcing structures and approaches to contracting. 

Hybrid Model

Corporate real estate (CRE) intersects with many of the elements affecting a company’s ESG objectives and plays a significant role in helping it design and achieve its ESG goals.

As CRE teams plan for the future and focus on aligning with and supporting the goals of their business enterprise, a dynamic Performance Management program is critical. How do we measure success in the future and monitor performance?


Occupant-focused organization uses artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to help personalize services that current and future employees will require.


By Alicia Mandel, Colette Temmink* and Martha O’Mara

From Corporate Real Estate Journal Volume 3, Number 4, Corporate Real Estate Journal, Volume 3, Number 4, pp. 281-292 © Henry Stewart Publications

Received (in revised form): 26th March, 2014

Moving to a predictive model, informed by performance and real-time data in leasing and asset management will improve your team’s ability to make decisions in the present based on future conditions.

At the office

Changing business priorities have accelerated trends and are driving fundamental shifts in the structure and approach to real estate outsourcing

From Maureen Ehrenberg in Corporate Real Estate Journal Volume 10, Number 2, pp. 195–215
© Henry Stewart Publications

Received (in revised form): 22nd September, 2020

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