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Innovative Solutions from Blue Skyre IBE

Blue Skyre helps commercial real estate (CRE) organizations achieve the next level of success by providing: 

  • ESG Strategic Advisory & ESG Focus Powered by Allovance: The intelligent way to create and implement an ESG program 
  • CRE PaaSport: A facilities operating platform-as-a-service that provides internal teams with solutions for resources, processes, and technology to achieve their operational execution and excellence 
  • Synergy Park Hub: A digital performance operating platform that integrates your real estate data and technologies to view performance and provide actionable insights 
  • Strategic Advisory: Support to develop a blueprint for your real estate operating model that will effectively and efficiently respond to a rapidly changing industry 

ESG Strategic Advisory & ESG Focus (powered by Allovance)  

Blue Skyre offers clients an intelligent way to create and implement an ESG program. 

We help organizations plan, identify, prioritize and implement impactful initiatives, and share results.  Whether companies are looking to understand the best structure to enable success, identify their goals and opportunities, or measure and report their performance, Blue Skyre can provide expertise and help guide companies through these processes. 

Blue Skyre has partnered with Allovance, the recognized leader in decision-making software, to create ESG Focus. ESG Focus leverages a proprietary algorithm to develop and prioritize ESG initiatives that align with business objectives.   

ESG Focus identifies ESG objectives and prioritizes initiatives based on company goals, as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

CRE PaaSport 

Blue Skyre offers CRE PaaSport, a facilities operating platform-as-a-service that provides in-house facilities teams with solutions for resources, processes, and technology to help them achieve their operational execution and excellence.   

CRE PaaSport supports real estate leaders wanting to transform their operations but for whom full outsourcing is not the solution for introducing innovation.   

CRE PaaSport fills the gaps for FM teams needing specific expertise, better operating and financial information, automated processes, and integrated technology that is not feasible for them to assemble within their existing infrastructure.  It is a solution that provides a real estate team with access to expertise, innovation, and technology support without relinquishing its control over the resources. The team may also be able to realize its targeted operating savings and mitigate risk.  

Synergy Park Hub 

At Blue Skyre, we have created a unique technology solution to meet CRE needs: Synergy Park Hub. Synergy Park Hub provides performance intelligence and focused insights for operations, compliance, and risk. A resource to help gauge performance, identify new or optimize CRE strategies and operational results. 

Synergy Park Hub integrates a customer’s multiple suppliers and supporting technologies under a single performance management and operating platform. Our solution is in sync with the clients’ needs: B2B and B2C alignment, digital transformation, operational and service consistency across a portfolio of sites and vendors, ESG goal attainment, compliance, and risk mitigation. The platform organizes and integrates diverse data-sources in plug-and-play formats across CMMS, Suppliers, and portfolio metrics, and it preserves data ownership and transferability. 

Strategic Advisory  

Strategic advisory service that helps develop a blueprint for a client’s real estate operating model that will effectively and efficiently respond to a rapidly changing industry. The outcome of the blueprint: 

  • Enables organizations to respond to leading trends that have created an urgency for existing static models to give way to reimagined dynamic operating models for an organization’s people, processes, and tools.
  • Defines a target model for business performance objectives, operations, organizational structure enabling technologies and desired outcomes.
  • Creates a framework for acceleration and execution of real estate and facilities operations to align with the company’s strategy and vision 

For more information on how Blue Skyre IBE can support your organization please contact us.

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