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Innovative Solutions

BSI helps commercial real estate organizations achieve the next level of success by providing Strategic Advisory Services, Property Operations Support, our specialized data and analytics platform: Synergy Park, and introducing our decision making and strategic prioritization system software: ESG Focus Powered by Allovance.

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Strategic Advisory Services

BSI helps corporate and commercial real estate organizations achieve the next level of success by providing strategic advisory services and performance management solutions. Our strategic advisory services support transformational change and cost savings, and our digital transformation services automate business processes.

  • CRE organizational design
  • Service delivery
  • Cost optimization
  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs
  • Portfolio adaptation
  • Digital transformation

Property Operations Support

BSI supports the needs of our clients throughout their business lifecycle. Our building services platform provides access to management tools tailored to unique client needs. BSI offers experienced resources to support or augment your real estate and building management teams when needed – for one-time projects or ongoing assistance.

  • Center of Excellence (COE) expertise for building processes, technology tools, and performance measurements that deliver standard operating procedures and harmonize service levels
  • Implementation strategy of property services for occupier and investment teams
  • Access to vendor marketplace and vendor management
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Specialized Data & Analytics Platform: Synergy Park

At BSI, we have created a unique technology solution to meet our clients’ needs: Synergy Park. Synergy Park is the industry’s leading digital performance and operations platform that provides data management and process automation for real estate portfolios.

Synergy Park integrates a customer’s multiple suppliers and supporting technologies under a single performance management and operating platform. Our solution is in sync with our clients’ needs: B2B and B2C alignment, digital transformation, operational and service consistency across a portfolio of sites and vendors, ESG goal attainment, compliance, and risk mitigation. 

  • Organizes and integrates diverse data-sources in plug and play format across CMMS, Suppliers/MSA’s, and portfolio metrics
  • Provides actionable business intelligence, ongoing performance management, financial reporting, ESG reporting and metrics
  • Offers scalable adoption levels to suit client needs – all levels provide business intelligence and insights to drive performance excellence and financial insight
  • Preserves data ownership and transferability

The Time is Now for ESG: Introducing ESG Focus

Powered by Allovance


Blue Skyre IBE has partnered with Allovance, the recognized leader in decision-making software, to create ESG Focus. ESG Focus leverages a proprietary algorithm to develop and prioritize ESG initiatives that align with business objectives.

ESG Focus is a proprietary technology tool to help companies and corporate real estate professionals make informed decisions about their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs. This tool is uniquely designed to help organizations manage complex goals and decisions, and implement a plan based on detailed data parameters.

  • Enables organizations to streamline their ESG journey and create a detailed plan of action that is both measurable and impactful 
  • Identifies ESG objectives and prioritizes initiatives based on company goals, as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Uses a proprietary algorithm applied to data to take the guesswork out of determining impact and formulating comprehensive plans

Whether companies are looking to understand the best structure for success, to identify their goals and opportunities, or to measure and report their performance, Blue Skyre can provide their expertise and guide companies through these processes.

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